websites designed between 1997 and 2010

Nation Ltd

810 Showroom

Ottica Seattle

Charlotte Dean

Ginny Wong Showroom

Caffe Etc. Hollywood
Jen Menchaca's line of super-comfortable t-shirts
Mary Beth Perrone's
fashion industry showroom
Seattle's number one shop for the coolest eyeglasses
the artwork of charlotte dean
a multi-line contemporary showroom established in 1998
a Hollywood organic coffee shop with great food, too!

Liv Grn

Blues Productions

onno fashion

Laura's Brownies

Dr. Rho Acupuncture

Tracey Newman
eco-friendly clothing line
dedicated to perpetuating
the health of our planet
all things blues (in progress)
a trend-setting designer brand
for women
home-made delicious brownies
Dr. Benjamin Rho's acupuncture practice in Hancock Park for nearly 20 years se hable español
singer / songwriter Tracy Newman's
new CD and more


Jazz Compass!

Local Tourist

Jeff Dale Blues

Carl Heinz

Christie Mellor
Denim for confident people
great jazz from Clay Jenkins, Larry Koonse, Tom Warrington, Joe La Barbera and friends
urban fashion by Eric Fobair
keepin' the blues alive
got junkinas?
author, actress, painter, sculptress, comedienne - Christie Mellor!

The Gurney Insitute of Animal Communication




Gregory Martin Itzin

Yamada Taichi
Carol Gurney's animal services
sexy, fashion forward jewelry
Roman Dirge / Lenore The Cute Little Dead Girl Official Site
designer pet beds
actor Gregory Itzin's official site
site for Japanese author,
playwright, TV and film writer
Yamada Taichi

The Silver Spoon

Deborah Holland

John La Barbera


Tom Warrington

Ivy Consulting Group
Hollywood Benefits and Parties
site for singer-songwriter
Deborah Holland
the site of world-renowned
John La Barbera
One of LA's top Fashion and Design
PR companies
site for bassist Tom Warrington
a Jazz Compass founder
academic and test preparation tutors in NYC


Teri Lee Jewelry

Scott Roeb Catering

The Backyard Press

Swingding Records

Cognitive Rehab
Rebecca Cutter's moving,
USC graduate film
Teri's collection of eclectic jewelry
life is better catered!
Carl Heinz's
line of graphic greeting cards
Dirk Richter and Randall Crissman's new record label
Geri Knorr's
Cognitive Rehab Service


Karen Zambos Vintage Couture

An Eye for an Eye

Power Art & Design

QP Dolls

Davinci LA
clothing art from Charlotte - you need a huevona tee!
Karen Zambos is one of the hottest designers around
Matt Aaron Krinsky's independent
film about hate crimes and recovery
Paul Power
storyboards, graphic design, and
most important - Australian!
It's Party Time
(re-designed by client)
custom-designed furniture in LA and Palm Springs


Road Trip 2000

Emergency Cafe

RBI Productions

Sofas L.A.

My Tote
Milk - a trend-setting boutigue in Los Angeles
a photo essay
covering the strange
exploits of dad & kid
emergency and
earthquake supplies
Jeff Magid - the master of remaster
real photos of real sofas
on the streets of LA
fun bags for all your travel and other carrying needs

Sharon Armstrong & Associates

Iguana King


God Doesn't Shoot Craps

Helen Kantor Screenwriting

Lisa Germano
HR consulting and training firm
home of the iguana kings
bumps, stories, photos, films
Christine Shin's short film - a coming-of-age drama about a family secret.
Richard Armstrong's first novel - a darkly comic thriller
Helen Kantor's online screenwriting
courses will get you to finish that script
site for singer / songwriter
Lisa Germano
design by scott rivera

Ensemble for the Romantic Century

Martin Kedzior

Jay Kogen

Pixie Market


all the jimmys
innovative and exciting theatrical concerts that combine dramatic narrative with music
MK, personal stylist,
closet purger, wardrobe consultant, and more
what can you say about a man who loves sinatra, the beatles
and his wife?
high-end international boutique
a nationwide massage and bodywork
network - plus a collection of private
label wellness products

Napa Writing Retreats

allstate produce

kova & t

State of Mine

Loree Rodkin
Tracey Ross
the perfect place to get away from urban hell and explore the creative side
construction in flash only
(i didn't design it)
jewelry that makes a
STATEment about you

Flash intros to old sites

Haute Stuff

ACME Game Store

Retrograde Films

Aces Full Outings

Royal Cheapskate
Malgosia LA